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Nothing tastes better then homegrown

There is nothing more wonderful than growing your own fruits and vegetables. It’s a great family pastime to do with kids. Here are some more reasons on why gardening is great for the family:

  • Eating healthier – Fruits, greens and vegetables are always a bit tricky to introduce into a child’s diet. Involving your child in the entire process of seeding, tending and growing the plant may make them more open to eating greens, fruits and vegetables they helped grown in their own gardens.
  • Learning more – Children are naturally curious and are bound to question more as they get their hands dirty in the garden. Or you could even be the one leading the questions. Why are the leaves green? When is the sun at its hottest? Why is water so important? There’s no end to how much they can learn.
  • Getting active - Getting out in the open and breathing in fresh air benefits everyone. Gardening involves a fair bit of physical activity so digging plant beds, tending the weeds and watering the plants are great ways to get more active.
  • Teaching life skills - Gardening teaches kids many important life skills. Plants are living things and a certain amount of care is needed to care to grow it. When a child is taught to tend and nurture their plant it teaches them responsibility.
  • Enhancing quality time – Gardening can be a fun way to spend quality time with the family and create great memories.

With everyday produce readily available at your fingertips, gardening as a hobby is fading. It’s a hobby certainly worth reigniting though if you can do it as a family. Nothing tastes better than homegrown goodness.

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