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Products for The Growing Up Years


Nespray Everyday

NESPRAY Everyday too is manufactured locally, maintaining the highest quality standards we are renowned for throughout the world. With more than 33% of young children in Sri Lanka being iron deficient and 29% of them being Vitamin A deficient, NESPRAY Everyday is richly enriched with iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin D** to complement the benefits of milk.

**100g of NESPRAY Everyday contains 19.5mg of iron, 667µg of Vit. A and 13.3µg of Vit. D



MILO is the one of the world’s leading chocolate malted food drink s. Each cup contains the goodness of milk, malted barley and cocoa. MILO provides you with vitamins and minerals which helps in body functions to stay active throughout the day.

*100g of Milo powder contains: 21.8mg of Iron, 594mg of Calcium, 1.8mg of Vit.B2, 30.1mg of Vit.B3, 2.3mg of Vit.B6, 3.6µg of Vit.B12, 54mg of Vit.C, and 7.4µgD of Vit.D. 180ml of Milo RTD contains: 0.6mg of Vit.B2 and 0.8mg of Vit.B6

Milo RTD

MILO RTD is made from the best-quality locally sourced fresh milk and enriched with B vitamins that help energy yielding metabolism in the body . It provides delicious nourishment your child needs for an active lifestyle while on the go.

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