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Stay active, Stay Fit: How exercise benefits your immunity

In these pandemic times, which are fraught with uncertainty, there is a new mode of behavior to follow. Whilst washing our hands and maintaining social distancing, are all ways of keeping ourselves safe during these precarious times, to maintain overall health it is also important to keep our immunity to contracting any diseases high. The only way to achieve that is to stay fit and healthy. With many gyms and places of sporting activities like pools, cricket and football grounds closed due to COVID and with strict rules of social distancing to maintain, we feel wary to exercise in frequently visited areas. How then to exercise to boost your immunity?

The Immune system is large and complex and has a wide variety of functions. The main function of the immune system is to defend people against germs which cause disease. By exercising and moving our bodies we are helping to push the flow of blood throughout our bodies, making the muscles contract and improving our overall immunity, which is our hidden invisible armor in these perilous times. Here are some ways to increase your immunity and stay fit.

  • Short and Sweet: Getting fit and exercising does not mean long intense marathon styled workouts, instead working out for at least 30minutes is sufficient. Therefore, there are many quick workouts to do and with our new online world, the number of exercise programs to follow are plentiful and adaptable to your personal fitness level. Go for a walk, have a jog in the garden, do an online class together, dance for 30minutes to your favorite album. Whatever your inclinations, just move, everyday, for 30 minutes and get your immunity up!
  • Peace of mind: Exercise not only boosts your physical health, but it also strengthens your mental health. Moving your body, getting physical, raises your spirits, gets those good endorphins pumping and improves your over-all mood. When you have a positive outlook, any challenges that come your way are easily overcome.
  • A “health” makeover: By engaging in a regular exercise routine, it not only improves your immunity, but also boosts your overall health. From lowering blood pressure, to relieving of age related diseases, which are conducive to a sedentary lifestyle, being active is the key. So therefore exercise does not only make you look good, it also boosts your immunity and makes you stronger.
  • You are what you eat: Exercise is the perfect way to build your immunity. But what you eat is also important. Therefore your physical health should be coupled with good nutrition; make healthy eating a life choice and one to be practiced daily, the benefits long term will be advantageous to yourself.

Want to stay healthy during these COVID times, then build your immunity and that can be done by exercising. Stay fit, stay active, be healthy.

Author : By Mayuri Jayasinghe

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