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Benefits of cardio exercises

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Looking for a reliable routine that addresses all your fitness concerns can be quite the task. These Nestle Family Club Beginner Level Home Workout Sessions are created for people of all age groups and fitness levels to give you safe but effective exercise plans to reach your goals.

If you have any pre-existing conditions or are above the age of 50, consult a registered physician before beginning the routine.

In these videos, we continue the exercises non-stop; feel free to pause at anytime for short breaks before continuing with the remaining exercises.

If you feel breathless for a prolonged period, stop the exercise and call for medical assistance.

Benefits of cardio exercises

Cardio Exercises primarily target on increasing our heart rate to break down the body’s fat layers and burn calories. A cardio routine is the most ideal for weight-loss, but along with it comes a number of benefits, including;

  • Strengthening your heart to reduce the risk of heart diseases
  • Improving blood circulation to reduce blood pressure
  • Improving lung capacity to build stamina
  • Boosting energy to improve daily activities
  • Improving your immune system to fight off diseases
  • Improving brain power and helping with mental health

Guidelines to follow

When you’re a complete newbie to working out, things may get a little difficult. Follow these guidelines to make sure you can complete an effective workout.

  • Don’t workout right after a heavy meal. It’s best to engage in this workout at least 02 hours after a heavy meal, or 30 minutes after a light snack.
  • Don’t drink too much water before the workout to avoid feeling discomfort. Keep a bottle of water close-by and sip throughout the workout during short breaks.
  • Do warm-up well before you begin the workout. Warm-up routines help condition your muscles and sets the foundation for an effective workout.
  • Do breathe deeply while you exercise. Pay attention to how you breathe in an out to maintain endurance throughout the workout.
  • Do follow the techniques that our instructors guide you with during the workout. Always keep your core engaged while maintaining the proper form to avoid any injuries.
  • Don’t forget to cool down before you complete the workout. Cooling down properly after the workout can reduce the risk of injuries and muscle soreness.
  • Do stay mindful to build your strength and endurance by staying hydrated and eating balanced meals after working out.

Repeat these beginner level workout routines for 04 weeks before advancing to the intermediate level.

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